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Policy & Procedures

Policy & Procedures

Patient Policy for NO SHOW | LATE | CANCELLED Appointments.

Our Goal at APC is to Provide Exceptional Care to EVERY PATIENT, Every Time. 

We Value Your Time & Make Every Effort to Ensure Appointments Run on Schedule.

We also understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise and we will always work with you.

However, when Patients arrive late for their appointments, it can cause delays that affect the entire office, including other patients.  This can result in Rushed Visits or Appointments, Running Behind Schedule, and Longer Wait Times, which is not fair to other patients or our staff and providers. 

To Best Serve You We have Implemented the Following Policy:

To Respect Our Patients, Staff, & Providers,

  • Arriving more than 10 minutes late to your scheduled appointment time will be subject to rescheduling.

  • A NO SHOW to your Appointment will result in a $25.00 Charge & Must Be Paid Prior to Scheduling.

  • Canceling without a 24hr Notice will result in a $25.00 Charge

  • Arriving after your appointment time, but less than 10 minutes late, may result in a shorter visit time.

    • You will still be seen, but the visit may need to be cut short.  For example, if you have multiple topics to discuss, you may need to be limited to a single 'issue' for this appointment.

If a Patient is Late Repeatedly or After Missing An Appointment, the Following Steps May be Taken:

  • The 1st Time a Patient is Late

    • The Patient is Given a Copy of this Policy & a Summary of His/Her Late or Missed Appointments.

  • The 2nd Time a Patient is Late

    • The Patient is Given a Copy of this Policy & a Summary of His/Her Late or Missed Appointments, and the Patient will be notified if they are late again they will be dismissed.

  • The 3rd Time a Patient is Late

    • The Patient Will Not Be Seen & Will Need to Find a New Provider.

  • Multiple Missed Appointments

    • Will Likely be Dismissed and No Longer Able to be a Patient at Advanced Primary Care.

We Understand There are Unavoidable Instances that May Inevitably Prevent You from Making Your Appointment or Making it On-Time, and Exceptions May Apply.  We Reserve the Right to Consider This on a Case by Case Basis.

Appointment Policy
Medication Refill Policy

Patient Policy for MEDICATION REFILL Purpose.

This Medication Refill Policy aims to manage Medication Refills for our Patients in a Timely and Appropriate manner, while also upholding Legal Compliance and Ensuring We Prioritize Patient Safety.  

 Policy Statement:

Patients must provide a Minimum of 5 Business Days' Notice for All Prescription Refills.  

Controlled Medication Refills will be processed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays ONLY.  NO Refills will be processed on Weekends or Holidays.

This Policy is Designed to Promote Proper Medication Management & Adherence to Prescription Guidelines.



    • Patients should notify the clinic of their refill needs with Proper Notice.  Patients may submit their refill request through Helo, via the Patient Portal, through their Local Pharmacy, or by leaving a message with our Nurse Coordinator.


    • Upon receiving a refill request, the Healthcare Provider will Review the Patient's Medical Records to Ensure the Proper Medication is being requested & appropriate as well as due for a refill.  If necessary, the healthcare provider may contact the patient to discuss Medication Needs & Use, and if necessary, Potential Changes.


    • Controlled Medication Refills will be processed only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  If a Controlled Medication Refill Request is received on a Friday or over the weekend, it will be processed on the following Monday or the next available Business Day.


    • If the Patient needs to Transfer Their Prescription to another pharmacy, they will need to provide all the necessary information to our clinic as soon as possible.  Information such as Pharmacy Name, Location, Address, and Contact Information.


    • In certain circumstances, such as emergency or unexpected events, Exceptions to the 5-Day Notice Requirement may be made at the discretion of the Healthcare Provider.  Patients Must Communicate their Urgent Need for a Medication Refill and Provide an Explanation for the Exception.


    • It is the responsibility of the Patient to track their medication Supply & Provide Adequate Notice for their Refills, as Outlined in this Policy.  Patients should also inform the clinic of any changes in their contact information, insurance, or pharmacy preferences.  Please note that failure to comply with this Medication Refill Policy may result in DELAYS in receiving Medication Refills.  Our Clinic is committed to providing the highest quality of care and the safety and well-being of our patients is our TOP Priority.

Thank You for Your Understanding & Cooperation as We Work Together to Get You & Keep You at Your Best!!

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